Dr. Jon’s Comedy Hypnosis Show Will Make Your Event a Huge Success!


Dr. Jon Taylor’s Comedy Hypnosis Show – Hilarious Entertainment for Corporations, Associations, Universities, High Schools, Cruise Lines and More!

Your Guests Will Talk About Dr. Jon’s Comedy Hypnosis Show For Months And Years To Come!

The audience at Dr. Jon's Comedy Hypnosis Show is all smiles!

The audience at Dr. Jon’s Comedy Hypnosis Show is all smiles!

For over a decade, Dr. Jon Taylor has traveled the world entertaining Corporate, College and High School audiences from 30 to over 3000 guests with his amazing and hilarious Comedy Hypnosis Show. Volunteers from your audience become the 5-Star Guests of the show and everyone will be rolling in the aisle with laughter!

Dr. Jon’s motto is simple: YOUR success is his success – plus the guests remember the hilarious entertainment for a lifetime! When you hire Dr. Jon as your Comedy Hypnotist, you can expect fun, CLEAN, upscale and age appropriate comedy hypnosis. Each show is unique and each creates a lifetime of memories so bring your cameras!

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Dr. Jon travels throughout the country and helps guests gain positive new life-skills while laughing so hard their bones hurt! Just a few states where Dr. Jon has performed include:

So…What is a Comedy Hypnosis Show?

Guests enjoy Dr. Jon's Comedy Hypnosis Show

Guests enjoy Dr. Jon’s Comedy Hypnosis Show

Dr. Jon’s Comedy Hypnosis Shows are customized for your special event(s). Shows by Dr. Jon are highly interactive, thoroughly professional, FUN, fast paced, and artfully delivered. Your audience will be fully engaged in the show. The performance will begin with a three minute, highly entertaining, and interactive introduction to hypnosis that will engage the audience and get them ready to participate in the rest of the show.

After Dr. Jon’s Comedy Hypnosis introduction, audience members volunteer (never pre-selected!) and are invited to take a seat on stage. The Show volunteers are rapidly hypnotized to a natural state of hypnosis, and the FUN begins!

Hypnosis or the Hypnotic ‘trance-like state’ creates a sense of heightened awareness that gives the very best of volunteer performers. The volunteers role-play using hypnosis and use routines that keep your guests and audiences laugh so hard their sides hurt!

Sample Skits

You will see volunteers ‘forget’ their names or perhaps a volunteer will be certain that his or her last name is E-I-E-I-O. A volunteer might be convinced that she can speak in a recently invented foreign language! Everyone laughs out loud while the impossible happens onstage! The most famous dancers, musicians, and sports stars come from your audience…Moulin Rouge, Elvis, Michael Jackson, or Beyonce may give a surprise hypnotic performance! And again, all skits are CLEAN!

Your audience and the volunteers will be THRILLED with the show! After the comedy hypnosis show, your guests linger and talk about the comedy hypnosis performance, sharing stories about the FUN they’ve experienced!

In Dr. Jon’s Comedy Hypnosis Show:

  • Your guests are the TRUE STARS of the show!
  • Volunteers and members of the audience will have a fantastic time!
  • Clean comedy entertainment that is specifically customized for your audience, including corporate, college, high school, Greek life and family reunion audiences.
  • Your audience will laugh for the entire performance!

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Dr. Jon's Comedy Hypnosis Show Volunteer Participants!

Dr. Jon’s Comedy Hypnosis Show Volunteer Participants!

Dr. Jon’s Comedy Hypnosis Show is the most unusual and funny entertainment available. Dr. Jon will work with you to make your event a complete success! He’s work with you to design a show that will fit within most budgets and deliver awesome entertainment. Everyone has a blast, while you receive compliments for choosing such a unique and unforgettable performer!


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